Economic students research safety nets

Students in Amy Engle-Evans Economics class were given a project to research a safety net.

They then make a presentation of that safety net explaining what it does, the qualifications that had to be met to be able to be granted access to it, how much money the government spent on it in the last year, and develop an argument about why that safety net is important.

“I think I did an ok job,” Cora Tatro ‘23 said. “I was glad that I got it done and over with.”

The presentations were made by students that were put into groups and were presented using Google Slides to try to stop the spread of COVID-19 by not making poster boards and not having to share materials.

“I felt better doing the presentation on Google Slides,” Jacob Torkelson ‘23 said. “I am more of a computer guy than a pen and paper guy.”

Presentations happened on February 9th for 7th Period and February 10th for 3rd period. The reason for this was due to a class registration presentation in the BFAC for class selection for next year.

“I think everyone did a good job,” Mrs. Engle-Evans said. “This project is just a start, but I think it was a good eye opener for students to see some of the safety nets and what they do.”