First in-person speech meet rescheduled as virtual meet

The first in-person speech meet of the season was rescheduled as a virtual meet due to bad weather.
The speech team was supposed to have this meet on Saturday, February sixth in-person in Beatrice however, it was rescheduled as a virtual meet when bad weather hit.
“I do like that we still get the opportunity to compete via recordings vs. not competing at all.” speech coach Mr. Aaron Leibel said. “I am curious to see, in the future, if schools that host will offer virtual tournaments in case the weather prevents an in-person meet from happening. While I don’t love virtual speech by any means, it is better than having no speech at all.”
The speech team was excited to get to go to a meet in person after participating in many virtual meets.
“I was really excited to be able to actually see people outside of the team and possibly see some of my friends on different teams.” Shelby Klaumann ‘21 said.
Although some had a few bumps to work out, most members of the team felt prepared for this meet.
“I feel like I was prepared for this meet! I feel that my duet was going to do well at this meet.” Emily Woosley ‘21 said.
While everyone was disappointed that we did not get to go in-person, everyone understood that it needed to be done.
“I understand the decision to cancel in person.” Leibel said. “There were a lot of moving parts between some schools wanting to go early because of basketball games later that night, and some wanting to go later so we could have the meet in person. One thing I have learned from hosting a tournament myself, is that you can’t make everyone happy, you just do the best with what you can do. With the weather, I completely understood cancelling the in-person meet.”