Wonder Women 1984 is a painfully mediocre mixed bag of a film.

Wonder Women 1984, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig, was an overall mixed bag of a film. 2020 had tons of films that either flopped, performed poorly or just didn’t come out. There are many examples of delays, such as Black Widow, Godzilla vs. Kong, Morbius and Top Gun: Maverick, and in my opinion, this movie should have been delayed further for fixing up the issues this movie suffers from.

The first Wonder Woman movie was actually pretty good for a superhero movie. The highlights were the actors, the intense soundtrack, and the execution of the film. That movie did suffer it’s fair share of flaws as well, such as the villains, the pacing, and the CGI effects, but even then the movie was still enjoyable. WW84 has many flaws with few redeeming qualities, and here’s why.

The movie suffers from what many sequels suffer from, trying to add on to the existing plotline and expanding the universe that the film takes place in. WW84 does expand on the universe, adding many new interesting faces to the DCEU, like Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, a businessman that obtains powers through a stone that can grant wishes. Pascal plays this character with great enthusiasm. 

Another issue with this film is it’s very lengthy runtime. For almost 1 entire hour, there is no action, which kills the pacing. Instead of action, you get cheesy comedy, mixed with bad pacing and poorly timed jokes. The editing and cinematography in this movie is also an issue. There are scenes where you can clearly tell it has a green screen in the background, and it hurts to see it. The CGI is also horrendous, for example, in the fight between Wonder Woman and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), it is set in nighttime to hide the almost unfinished CGI effects on her character. It should have had more time to be edited, instead of being pushed to theaters during a pandemic.

Sadly, I can’t give this movie a positive rating, because of all the flaws it has. I watched it to have a good time, because I like the DC movies. This is on the same level as Suicide Squad, but at least that movie was ironically funny to watch. This movie is a little above average at best, and painfully mediocre at it’s worst. I give Wonder Women: 1984, an underwhelming 4/10.