Reading Classics Competitions cancelled

Competitions for Reading Classics have been cancelled for this year.

The competitions were cancelled due to Covid-19 and how most of the people who run it are elderly or susceptible to Covid-19. The members on the team including Isabella Ausk ‘25, Chloe Tracy ‘25, Natalie Heidemann ‘25, Reese Stone ‘25, Addison Marschman ‘25, and Heidi Ramos ‘25 read a total of 55 books for Reading Classics.

“I’m so disappointed that it was cancelled,” Reading Classics Sponsor Karen Horky said. “This group has worked two years and didn’t have a chance to go to any competitions.”

Even through the cancelation of competitions, Reading Classics has been changed to a book club so that the members of it can continue to read.

“It has been cancelled for two years in a row,” Mrs. Horky said. “Next year I am going to have to recruit and getting students to do Reading Classics is difficult.”