New schedule means new changes

With a new semester means a new schedule, and some students changed drastically more than others. These changes may be as easy as a class switched with another, or as difficult as the entire schedule moved around.

From 8th grade to 11th grade, you are able to pick your classes for the next school year, and Mrs. Biehl sets up the schedule for every student and makes sure they don’t overlap. Sometimes this means the schedule will change from having one class first period to last period. 

“I like my 2nd semester better because I take a woods class and foundations of computing and both of those classes are more hands-on which I enjoy.” Joshua Robertson ‘21 said.

Even though the schedule changes, some students like their second semester schedule better than their first. It could be for a different routine every day because their classes are simpler. This year for the Junior class, their schedule changed drastically due to the class STC, or School to Career. This class is required for every Junior and they need to pass to graduate. 

“It (schedule) changed quite a bit and in some of the classes that did stay the same, a few people left and some joined.” Braden Suey ‘21 said.