Heavy snow causes snow days

School was cancelled for two snow days due to heavy snowfall.

Due to the accumulated snow, students and staff were not able to go to school on the 25 and 26.

“I was excited to have some extra time at home,” Cora Tatro ‘23 said. “I enjoy spending time at home with my siblings on snow days.”

A two hour was set in motion for the 27. Students that live in the country with unsafe roads to travel on  received an email by principal Darek Anderson saying to contact the High School office to have it marked as a quoritine day and are required to log in online for online classes.

“I feel like it’s good that they are giving the workers a bit more time to clear the roads and make travel safer for the students and staff,” Trayce Blas ‘23 said. “I am worried that we might get more snow tonight and that the roads might be slick.”