Engle’s Economics learns about scarcity

Mrs. Engle-Evans’ Economics class were able to get a more thorough understanding of scarcity through candy.

The class started to use the candy on January 11, in which the class talked about how many pieces of candy they wanted.

“When you give kids food,” Mrs. Engle-Evans said, “they pay a little more attention.”

The class wrote down what they wanted and later presented it to Mrs. Engle-Evans. The class soon learned that because of scarcity, not all of them could get the total amount they wanted between all the students in the class.

“It was fun to learn about scarcity,” Jorjia Shellhase ‘23 said. “It was interesting to learn about.”

After discussing about the candy and deciding how to distribute it among everyone, the class was split into groups. In those groups the students had to decide how much food and healthcare people would get from three different age groups consisting of 1 to 10 year olds, eleven to sixty year olds, and sixty one to eight five years old, while only being able to add it up to 100%. 

“It was difficult,” Josh Buchli ‘23 said. “You had to think about what other people needed and wanted.”

When done deciding, the student would then meet with another group to discuss and change their answers if needed. The students would then debate with the rest of the class of why they chose those percentages, and why some people got more food and healthcare than others.

“I thought they did pretty good,” Engle-Evans said. “Some had more discussions going on, but I hope that it let them know that decision making isn’t easy.”