FBLA sells cookies with the 4th graders

From December 8th to the 10th, FBLA worked with the 4th graders to sell cookies for 50 cents around the school.

To teach kids about business, FBLA took them from room to room to sell cookies and used the slogan “You got the sweet tooth, we got the cookies.” They sold cookies for three days, one day for each class.

Kacy Stark ’21 pulling cookies out of the oven before going out to sell cookies. This was the first of the three days of selling cookies. Photo by G. Schramm.

“FBLA actually doesn’t keep any of the money… We made $314.50, and the cookies cost $167.00, so our net profit was $147.50. Each classroom will receive $49.15 to spend however they choose.” FBLA President Josh Robertson stated.

The little kids who sold the cookies also had a blast selling cookies and the highschool kids now remember selling cookies. “ I think that they had fun, I know that I remember when we did the sales when I was younger and so think that it creates a great memory with the kids and that they will be able to always reflect on that.” Kacy Stark ’21 said.