FCA has a Meeting

FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, met Friday, December 11 at 7am to discuss Matthew 12:22- 13:58.
We read the verses and had minimal discussion along the way.
“A main topic we discussed was how a tree is known by its fruit is metaphorical for people being known by our actions. The parable of the sower was also discussed, which linked the importance of being aware of who we surround ourselves with and what kinds of environments we regularly find ourselves in.” one of the FCA coaches, Ms. Darby Davidson, said.
Everyone gets different things from the verses. Some people learn different things through it based on what they need and want to hear.
“They talked about presenting Jesus as a teacher and helper for the people and how not everyone believed in him at first.” Karly McCord ’22 said.
Three students attended the meeting. This affected the length of the meeting due to the lack of discussion amongst them.
“The length and discussion of the meeting really depends on students and their willingness to discuss. Mr. Dux and I could talk endlessly with each other when it comes to Biblical stories and ideas, but it’s a student organization so we defer to our students!” Ms. Davidson said.
Some students find it easier to discuss with less people around. They are less anxious to speak up because there are less people around to judge them.
“I think with not many people there it makes it easier to understand with more one on one talk but also hard to open up because it’s awkward at first.” Karly McCord said.