Politics students present current news

Students in Mrs. Engle-Evans politics class got to choose a current event to talk about and present to the class in a project called “Current Events and Us.”

Students were required to do this for a semester grade that was worth a total of 50 points.

“I think it’s really important for students to know what is happening around them,” Mrs. Engle-Evans said. I also think it is important to allow them to think and try to align their viewpoints.”

Students got complete freedom in choosing the article they wanted to present, while having some guidelines to follow.

“I thought the requirements were pretty easy,” Connor Hideman ‘23 said. “They weren’t really asking that much and there weren’t that many requirements.

The requirements that students had to follow involved a time limit lasting over 5 minutes, turning in the article to Mrs. Engle-Evans, writing a summary of the article to hand in, asking two literal questions that asks questions about the information about the article, and asking two judgment questions that went over the opinions of the speaker and the listeners.

“I think writing out the questions to ask was the hardest part,” Brody Branson ‘23 said. “I think that it was hard because you had to figure out what to base the questions off of.”

The presentations first started to happen on September, 4 and the last presentation happened on December, 9.

“I think they did a good job,” Mrs. Engle-Evans said. “It’s not that hard if they find an article and have their classmates voice their opinions when they ask their questions.”