Junior High Students research for Innovation Week

Students in Dr. Winter’s junior high science classes participated in innovation week.

In innovation week students got to research a subject of their choosing to later present to the class.

“It was really fun,” CJ Goeking ‘26 said. “But you had to focus hard and work hard.”

Some of the requirements that Dr. Winter set for the students is that they used their class time well and that they explained the science behind their topics when they presented.

“Innovation week was super fun to do,” Aliga Humng ‘26 said. “Sometimes it got kinda stressful, but otherwise it was super fun.”

Students started to work and research on their innovation week projects starting on November, 16.

“Our innovation week project turned out really good,” Logan Wentz ‘26 said. “We learned a lot more than what I thought we were going to learn, so overall a good process.”

Presentations for innovation week started on November 20 and finished on November 24.

“I like to be able to give kids the opportunity and time to learn about a science topic that interests them,” Dr. Winter said. “My teacher heart loves to see kids excited to learn about their projects.”

Working together. Brodie Prellwitz ’26 and James Martin ’26 work together to finish their project. Their project involved making a longboard and when presented they went over why longboards have more control than skateboards.
Finishing a project. Thoron Tracy ’26 finish making his innovation week project. Thoron Tracy’s innovation week project involved making bouncy balls and the different ingredients he used to make them.
Presenting the project. Destiny Vocelka ’26 shows Dr. Winter the results of her project. The innovation week project revolved around soil testing and what soil is best for plants.
Showing his research. Dominic Joe ’26 shows off to his class what he has done for innovation week. Dominic Joe’s project involved a light and circuit and how they were used for morse code.
Presenting a bright project. Amy Campbell ’26 and Mercedes Powell ’26 watch as Jayden James ’26, and Garrett Roelfs ’26 present their project. Jayden James and Garrett Roelfs’ innovation week project demonstrated how circuits and lighting up a light works.