Dodgeball Tournament Cancelled

Due to only having two teams sign up, the dodgeball tournament for November 13th was cancelled. Student council decided it would be best, but was sad to see it not happen. 

“I was hoping to get enough teams to have a tournament. In the past couple of years we barely had enough, so this year I was skeptical. I really enjoy playing in it and I was looking forward to it,” Senior Joshua Robertson, student council president, said. Numerous students over the years have gathered together to play in the tournament. Each team consists of 10 players and a coach if they wanted. Teachers could either be a coach or were often asked to be referees for the games. 

The original date for the tournament was set for the 20th of November, but the play was moved back a week so they traded dates. Student council did the best they could for advertising with a short notice. “Even with the extra week though, I’m not sure if we would have gotten enough teams or not,” Robertson said. 

Robertson also mentioned Student Council will be looking for another activity for the students to participate in. “The dodgeball tournament has been held for multiple years, so I think it has run its course,” Robertson said.

If you have any suggestions for an activity please reach out to President Joshua Robertson, Vice President Abigail Judd, or Mrs. Beranek.