Intro to ag. memorize the FFA creed

Students in intro to agriculture stood up in the middle of the class and presented the FFA creed.

The students first started to practice the FFA creed in the middle of September and finally presented it on November, 5.

“The hardest part of the FFA creed was probably the third paragraph,” Montana Pingel ‘23 said. “That part has the biggest words to remember and talks in a way that we don’t anymore.”

Students were able to look at parts of the creed if they had trouble remembering or needed a little help to get back on track.

“I feel like it’s pretty important to learn the creed,” Adam Mascarenas ‘24 said. “I feel like it’s important to learn because other people have learned it.”

Students that have performed well enough in speaking the creed and are in FFA could be nominated for competitive creed speaking like how Trayce Blas ‘23 and Emily Huss ‘23 were last year.

“They did good and it takes a lot to memorize the creed well and present it in the middle of class,” agriculture student teacher Emily Wendland said. ”I think it’s important because it teaches students skills that wouldn’t be taught regularly and helps the students think about agriculture.”