NHS members prepare for upcoming blood drive

During period 4 on Tuesday October 27, NHS members gathered in Mrs. Peterson’s room to participate in a Micorsoft Teams meeting with the Nebraska Blood Bank. This event was held to inform and prepare members for the upcoming blood drive with the Nebraska Blood Bank on November 4.

In previous years Mrs. Petersen had declined the offer to an onsite training in Lincoln because of students busy schedules, she did not want students to miss more class than they needed to. With this new opportunity of an online call, students were able to learn about the Nebraska Blood Bank and the process of the upcoming blood drive in one class period instead a whole day.

“I was enthusiastic to have a blood drive training. We have had successful events for years, but we still got new ideas and great education,” Petersen said. “Previous years I have not wanted to incur the expense of going to Lincoln and taking NHS members out of class for a whole day. This led to my enthusiasm for an online training.”

Members met with Nebraska Blood Bank Representative Jamie Kassebaum. Kassebaum discussed many important things pertaining to the upcoming blood drive. Some topics that were covered during the call included learning about the measures being taken to ensure safety of donors and recruiters, how to recruit donors and answers to frequently asked questions about health and safety, and learning about blood–what it is, what it does, and why donors are so critical to saving and sustaining lives.

If you would like to donate blood on November 4, Mrs. Petersen has sent out a google sheet where you can sign up to donate. If you are 16 you will need a parent permission slip that must be signed before you can donate blood. Permission forms can be found in Mrs. Peterson’s room.

38% of the U.S. population is eligible to give blood. Of that 38% only about 7% donate. Please consider donating blood for a good cause.