Parents communicate with teachers at parent teacher conferences

While students got the day off of school, parents and teachers met on October 22 for parent teacher conferences.

The parents met with their children’s teachers to discuss and go over their child’s grades and how they have been performing in school.

“I think they’re a good way for teachers to talk to students’ parents,” Trayce Blas ‘23 said. “You would think that parents would want to hear how their children are doing in school and how they behave in school.”

This year’s parent teacher conferences had some differences like requiring parents to wear facemasks while in the school and also allowing for online meetings between parents and teachers.

“I feel like parent teacher conferences are not as necessary as they used to be especially when parents have access to powerschool everyday,” math teacher Julie Petersen said. “I also have 109 students so it is hard to meet with the parents of all my students.”