Fall concert postponed due to health precautions

The fall concert, which was to occur on October 18, was postponed.

The concert was postponed due to an increase to covid-19 cases that occurred throughout the week.

“I think it was really important to postpone it,” Elizabeth Rogers ‘23, a choir student said. “It was important because I don’t want to spread it and we can’t really have masks on when we perform because we need to be able to sing without any troubles.”

Students in classes such as band and choir weren’t able to go perform and show family and friends what they have been practicing in those classes.

“I think that it was pretty important to postpone it,” Brook Tatro ’24, an instrumental music student said. “But we might have to end up canceling it if we get more cases.”

So far there has been no makeup date scheduled for the fall concert since the publishing of this story.

“I was a bit disappointed because the students worked so hard,” instrumental music and choir teacher Ryan Dusso said. ”But I know that there will also be more opportunities for the students to show their talents.”