FHS Cheer Clinic 2020

On October 3rd, the cheerleaders held a cheer clinic for younger students to attend. All 50 girls that attended were split up by ages into three groups. There were K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4-6th The clinic was held at the armory and to conclude the clinic the students and cheerleaders performed for their parents on the tennis courts by Jefferson Intermediate.

For the clinic, the cheerleaders taught the cheer “Who You Rootin’ For?” as one large group. After they taught the cheer, they split up into their groups and taught the students up to 5 other cheers. Once all the cheers were taught, they all played games in their groups and then joined together for a quick snack.

The girls were given the opportunity to cheer at the football games against Nebraska City later that night. Everyone was to meet down on the track and performed cheers for the crowd and also yelled for the boys on the field.

When asked about her favorite part of the cheer clinic, Senior Keely Schramm said, “Watching the girls cheer on the boys at the football games, they got really engaged with the game and it was fun to watch the crowd cheered them on”. She also mentioned that the experience is fun because she gets to watch the girls have fun. “They don’t necessarily care for learning the cheer within itself, but watching them perform for a crowd is fun to see” Schramm said.