Seniors elect officers, review handbook in class meeting

Class officers, ACT information and college registration were among the topics discussed during a brief meeting between the senior class and guidance counsellor Mrs. Taylor Biehl in the Burkley Fine Arts Center on Wednesday, Sep. 9.

Mrs. Biehl used a majority of the meeting to touch on a few points from the Senior Handbook that had previously been shared with the class. A few major topics included information regarding the ACT standardized test, resources offered in the guidance department, college visitation and application, financial aid opportunities and graduation requirements. All of these factors are seen as crucial to the success of a senior student.

“From the senior meeting, I am more aware of what my plans should be each month in order to properly prepare for college,” Page Nippert ’21 said. “I can also look ahead to see what else I should be preparing for as time goes on.”

After a review of the handbook, the class of 2021 nominated a group of students for officer roles. From these selections, the seniors then voted in six individuals to fill these titles. Joshua Robertson and Brynn Novotny were chosen as President and Vice President respectively. The four class representatives are Ellie Ohlde, Cashe Kroll, Page Nippert and Leland Abbott.

“I’m honored to have this chance to be the leader of our class,” Robertson said. “I just want to be a positive leader. I am going to make sure to hear everyone’s opinions on different matters and make decisions accordingly.”

As President, Robertson will deliver the student commencement speech at graduation. All of the class officers will oversee the selection process for the class colors, flower and motto. Additionally, the entirety of the senior class will be taking a free ACT on Tuesday, Sep. 22 that was postponed back in April due to Covid-19.

The Fairbury senior class of 2021. Photo by Jed Martin