SkillsUSA Meeting

As school starts to get back into normal routine, many organizations are starting to begin as well. Groups like the FCCLA, FBLA and Skills USA are now officially starting for the school year. 

Along with taking on a new teaching job, Mr. Shane Haley will take on the role as the adviser for SkillsUSA. He hopes the change will give students the opportunity to continue to build the program.

“I want to see a good base team that has an importance on learning Skills this year. We also plan on building upon the existing program, with more computers and hands on skills to go with it,” Mr. Haley said.

With a new adviser, the member count of SkillsUSA increased from 12 last year to 20 this year, which is a large boost in members.

“I love Skills, and I think it has a good reputation. We also have a good team that is fired up and ready to do what it takes to succeed,” Haley said.

Covid-19 ravaged our school events last year, including Skills and other organizations. “When it comes to Covid-19, it could definitely affect us, and if we have to go to remote learning, we will still have SkillsUSA meetings and strive to do well,” Haley said.