Energizers had their first meeting of the year on Tuesday, August 25 in Dr. Winter’s room to discuss their plans for the year.

Despite the restrictions due to Coronavirus, there are many things to look forward to.

“I’m looking forward to meeting our buddies and the buddy trips we get to do with them.” Addaline Linscott ’22 said.

Energizers promotes a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, which encourages students to join.

“I joined Energizers in 7th grade because I wanted to help promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle to kids younger than me. I wanted to show them that a lifestyle like that can be safe and fun at the same time.” Hailie Nicholson ‘21 said.

Since Energizers is all about a safe lifestyle, they have some restrictions due to Coronavirus.

“Our club is following all of our school’s COVID health precautions in-place. Hopefully we can maintain our safety measures so that we don’t have to postpone or cancel any of our activities.”  Emily Winter, teacher sponsor of Energizers, said.

The members of Energizers have a positive outlook and help promote a safe life. 

“Energizers is a fantastic organization with incredible young men and women wanting to make a positive difference in their community!” Emily Steinhoff, teacher sponsor of Energizers, said. “I am grateful to be a part of it and to have the opportunity to partner with such selfless students to make our community better.”