Cross Country heating things up with a preseason scrimmage

Due to an equipment malfunction, the cross country team started off its preseason scrimmage with a whistle instead of a bang. 

The change to the start of the scrimmage had to do with the starting pistol not going off, resulting in the need of a whistle to start the scrimmage.

“I was hoping to have a gunshot to start off,” head coach Drew Stone said. “But we just rolled with it.”

The scrimmage consisted of a three-mile race on the Fairbury cross country course.

“The three miles wasn’t that hard,” Cora Tatro ‘23 said, “but what was hard was when my shoes became untied.”

Despite untied shoes Tatro and the other runners scrimmaged so they could get their times and to prepare them for the first invite.

“I think the scrimmage is important,” Cora Tatro ‘23 said. “It helps show you what the other meets will be like.”

The cross country season is continuing on after this scrimmage.

“I have a good group of hard working kids,” coach Stone said, “and I am very confident in them.”

The start of the scrimmage. Photo by Trenton Ruhnke.