GBB celebrates end of the season with a banquet for players, coaches, and family

Last night the girls basketball team held a banquet in the commons to hand out awards and recap the season. The coaches gave speeches congratulating the players and thanking the parents. The seniors gave speeches recounting their careers as Lady Jeffs.

“My favorite part was the video the seniors made,” Ellie Ohlde ’21 said. “The video showed each of the seniors sharing a favorite memory and a piece of advice.”

Senior Sara Huss was in charge of making the senior video. She used a combination of pictures from parents and other sources. English Teacher Ms. Darby Davidson let Huss borrow her computer to use iMovie for the project. Huss also gave a speech at the banquet and advised the underclassmen.

“I told the underclassmen that they should work hard while they have an opportunity to do so,” Huss said. “The time goes by quickly, one minute you are a freshman and the next it’s your last parents night. Enjoy every moment and work hard to be the best you can be.”