Speech finds success with OID at Auburn invite

The speech team was pleasantly surprised when they found out that the OID had made finals at the Auburn invite. The OID was the only entry that finaled and thus placed. The members of the OID, which performed “Alice in Wonderland,” left the meet with sixth place medals around their necks.

“It’s been hard trying to organize the OID so we can all practice as much as possible.” Hailie Nicholson ’21 said. “So seeing that even though we’ve worked very little we were still able to accomplish so much, I was very proud of every single person in our OID for the hard work and energy that each one of us brings to the group.”

The OID team was surprised when they saw that there was another OID performing “Alice in Wonderland.” The other team ended up performing most of the scenes that the Fairbury team didn’t.

“I was super scared honestly and a little bit intimidated.” Senior Natalie Rogge said. ” It’s really weird when you find out someone is doing the same OID as you but it just gave me more motivation to do well.”