Drones raise concerns in Nebraska

Recently, drones have been showing up out of nowhere in Eastern Colorado and across Nebraska. These drones have been making the local people in the area paranoid. 

For many locals, it is their belief that it is the government or a random company that is behind the drones.

  “I think it is either a company, like Google, or it is the government mapping the area,” Salvador Chavez, ‘23, said.

Even though some people think that drones have a sinister intent, some people think that the drones are somewhat harmless.

“It might just be a bunch of nobodies trying to make people confused, and paranoid about the drones,” Drake Richtarik, ‘23, said.

People have had mixed opinions about the drones, and with the opinions come speculation and theories, and more confusion.

“One, because no one really knows who was behind it. It could have been the government spying on us for all we know, and Two, It is the secrecy behind the drone issue that makes us more paranoid,” said Math Teacher, Lyle Thompson.