The Dead Don’t Die was frankly one of the worst post-apocalyptic movies known to man

As an avid zombie-apocalyptic film watcher, I was expecting the film The Dead Don’t Die to be a decent movie. However, I was thoroughly disappointed. With all of the fairly popular actresses and actors in the film, I figured it would be way better than it actually was. Among the cast were Bill Murray, Selena Gomez, Adam Driver and Tilda Swinton. Not often can I say I regretted watching a movie, but this movie was so terribly made, I would have rather watched the Super Bowl.

Directed by Jim Jarmusch, I shouldn’t have expected it to be worthwhile. The Dead Don’t Die was a mockery to every post-apocalyptic film out there which is saying something considering the world has seen it’s fair share of apocalyptic fails. The script was terrible and the way it was brought to life was basically a punch to the face. The previews showed the movie as a funny, comedic tale of two cops, Chief Cliff Robertson (portrayed by Bill Murray) and Officer Ronald (portrayed by Adam Driver) who are stuck in the middle of a small town overrun by zombies. Not to mention, in the film, the zombies talk. Even if it is only a couple words, it’s still ridiculous. What you get is definitely not what you signed up for.

I think what I was most disappointed by was the casting. Take Bill Murray’s character, for example. I had expected so much more out of him. This wasn’t his first zombie movie. Bill Murray was featured in Zombieland and Zombieland 2: Double Tap as himself. However, throughout the film, it seems as if Murray and his co-star Driver were both having a hard time connecting to their roles. Some of the characters had no sensible place in the film, such as the travelling girl named Zoe (portrayed by Selena Gomez) and her two friends, Jack (Austin Butler) and Zach (Luka Sabbat).  Their screen time combined added up to a maximum of 15 minutes and they had no real relevance to the tale. Altogether, it seemed like Jarmusch found a selection of allstars and didn’t really care about how they portrayed their roles. The cast could have been something great, however, it just didn’t make it there.

I’m not a scientist, but the cause of the apocalypse didn’t make a lot of sense. In the film, the apocalypse was brought on by polar fracking which caused the Earth to fall off its axis which then apparently caused the zombie apocalypse. Scientists had been warning the world that the fracking could lead to something drastic, but their warnings reached deaf ears.

The comedy was dry, and the effects weren’t all that great. The makeup wasn’t all that bad, but The Dead Don’t Die was lacking in the gore department. I have never seen a zombie movie with so little gore. Overall, the visuals in the film weren’t…horrible, however, I would have liked to see more realism.

However, my review isn’t the only negative one. Many others thought it was a terrible movie as well. So much so, that IMDB’s rating score was a 5.5 out 10. Rotten Tomatoes said that 55% of the people who watched it, liked it. Overall, my own personal scoring reaches a 1 out of 5. If I were being truthfully honest, I might even give it a zero. The Dead Don’t Die was so painfully boring, I don’t see myself ever thinking about it or watching it again. I  struggled to stay awake. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone – not even my worst enemy.