Lady Jeffs Fall to Sutton

The Fairbury girls basketball team fell to Sutton by a score of 31-23 on January 23, 2020 at the FHS 89 gym.

Fairbury girls basketball head coach Lyle Thompson was a little worried about going into the game because Sutton got better since the last time they played them. 

“I was a little bit worried because coach Edson and Tatro and I knew they were better than they were last year,” Coach Thompson said. “We trained for the past week.” 

The Lady Jeffs wished they could have played better by making more of their free throws and pushing the ball harder down the floor. 

“ I wish I did better on the amount of shots I finished with,” Senior Sara Huss said. “As a team I wish we did better on making our shots and pushing the ball down the floor.”

The Fairbury girls stay motivated by their coaches telling them how good they are and telling them they are a good team.

 “We stay motivated because are coaches Thompson and Edson always say that we are a good team, and we are just as good and better as any other team.” Varsity starter Cora DeBoer explained.

Senior Jaelle Johnson drives to the hoop during the Sutton game. Johnson finished the game with one point, three rebounds and two assists.

The Lady Jeffs were motivated that night but they were also overwhelmed because of the conference and districts coming up.

“ We for sure were motivated but there were factors overwhelming motivation,” Sara Huss said. “There was too much pressure to have to deal with, with districts and conference coming up around the corner.”

What might have helped them was adding more plays to the game so they could score more and change it up for the Sutton team.

“ What we could have changed was adding more inbound plays,” according to coach Thompson. “It’s hard getting them in, in time before the game. We maybe could have changed up bringing the ball up to the left when we are going down the floor.”