Icy roads prove difficult for student driving

Extra caution should be taken when driving on the roads due to the icy conditions.

The icy roads have proven to be a problem in Fairbury and may continue to be a problem if people do not take the issue seriously. 

“Ice is the prime motivator for people getting stuck,” Painter Paul, who owns a towing company in Fairbury, said. “Sometimes people get hurt and there’s a loss of money because of crashing vehicles and injuries.”

Icy roads have caused people to slip, slide, and maybe even crash. 

“Sometimes the car would slide from side to side and it would make it hard to correct,” Jáley Wigget- Andersen ‘22 said. 

You should be careful on the roads in Fairbury after cold weather hits because they are so icy.

“Normally I drive pretty good on not icy roads but when it comes to icy ones I feel like I’m not cautious enough.” Jordan Arner ‘21 said. 

It has been agreed that you should be extra careful when driving on ice. 

“I think you should be well aware of your surroundings,” Jordan Arner ‘21 said. “You should always have your eyes on the road, even if it’s icy or any kind of conditions.”