Frozen II had me in tears

I went to see Frozen II for the first time on November 24. I had high hopes for this movie since the first one was so good. People usually say the the sequels of movies aren’t as good as the original. That was not the case for this movie; it was just as good if not better than the original in my opinion.

The music in Frozen II was amazing, as well as the animation. The characters seemed to look a bit different from the first one and I later found out it was because they animated it differently with updated technology. Everytime the chorus hit on one of the songs, I got goosebumps.

Frozen II was so good I’ve seen it twice now, and it has been worth every penny. The second time watching the movie was even better than the first since after watching it the first time I went home and listened to the soundtrack nonstop and by the time I saw it again I knew all the lyrics to all the songs. I am even listening to the soundtrack as I write this review and singing along too.

I was feeling so many emotions from laughter to legitimately crying. For part of the movie I was a complete mess. After the movie finished, I waited for the end of the credits to see if there were any outtakes, and it was worth it. I won’t say too much to avoid spoilers so I’ll just say that if you go to see Frozen II, it’s a good idea to wait until the end of the credits.

In all, Frozen II was indescribably amazing, and when it comes to the Bonham here in Fairbury, you can find me there watching it for a third time.