FBLA continues cookie selling tradition

FBLA continued their tradition of working with fourth graders to sell cookies to high school students and staff during the week of Thanksgiving. FBLA keeps enough money to pay for the cookies, and the rest of the money goes to the fourth graders who get to pick something out for their classroom. The purpose of this activity is to refresh the FBLA members on how running a business works while introducing the topic to the younger kids.

“I think the whole thing went pretty well,” FBLA President Joshua Robertson ’21 said. “The kids learned a lot about starting and running a business which was the goal.”

FBLA Sponsor Mrs. Mans agreed that enterprise week went well. She said she always enjoys watching the FBLA members interact with the younger kids. The only challenge of selling cookies was “scheduling and being cognizant of academic time.”

“I think both the younger kids and the FBLA members have the opportunity to learn from Enterprise Week,” Mans said. “The younger kids learn what the American Enterprise System is, a little bit about advertising, and how to write a check. The FBLA members learn presentation skills, relationship building skills, and the importance of patience.”


Brittyn Wentz ’21 helps a younger student sell a cookie. “So many people wanted cookies,” Wentz said. “They gave us compliments about how they were still warm!” Photo by E. KroeckerTaylor_112719_4762.jpg

Karly McCord ’22 wheels in a cart of supplies to be used for cookie sales later in the day. “I’m really glad FBLA sold cookies again this year,” McCord said. “I thought it was a good fundraiser for them, and I loved seeing the little kids from Jefferson all three days.”Photo by T. Gustafson