“The art of Racing in the Rain” is a must-read and a must-see

“The art of Racing in the Rain” is an emotional roller coaster that will have you simultaneously smiling and crying. I read the book by Garth Stein over the summer and finally had the chance to see the movie last week. This is a rare instance where the movie is just as good as the book. I would highly recommend both reading the book and watching the movie.

My favorite part of both the movie and book is that the story is told from the perspective of a dog, Enzo. This makes for some humorous jokes surrounding the pet/owner relationship dynamic. The story follows Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner) throughout his life with his owner, Denny (played by Milo Ventimiglia), an aspiring race car driver. Both Enzo and Denny love racing with all of their hearts, and their bond is unbreakable, that is until Denny meets the love of his life at a grocery story, Eve (played by Amanda Seyfried). After Denny and Eve get married, it takes a while for Enzo to adjust to another human in the house. Just as the three are getting more comfortable with each other, another human is brought into Enzo’s life, Denny and Eve’s daughter, Zoe. I won’t spoil anything else for you, but just know that the rest of the story is filled with heart-breaking lows and extremely joyful highs.

The actors, actresses, and Enzo all do a great job performing in the movie. I think they were all perfect for their individual roles. They did a very nice job portraying all the emotion found throughout the story. Obviously, Enzo was my favorite, and I was impressed with how well he behaved on set.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 44%. Roger Ebert gave it a 2/4, and Common Sense Media gave it a 3/5. Those are pretty good ratings from those review sites. In my personal opinion, I would give this movie a 4/5. I think it’s a really good movie for all ages because it has something for everyone to relate to. There’s also enough twists to keep it interesting. I would definitely suggest reading the book and watching the movie because they are both amazing!