Dodge, Duck, Dip: Images from the dodgeball tournament championship game

The sixth annual Student Council-sponsored dodgeball tournament featured five different teams going head-to-head in double-elimination play in the ’89 gym on Friday, November 22. The Superheroes were victorious against the Gym Class Heroes in the championship game. Here are the images from the final match:


After locking onto a target, Dalton Petersen ’20 rears back and prepares to fire near half court. Like the name suggests, Petersen’s team, the Superheroes, maintained a theme of featuring characters from Marvel and DC in their uniforms. Photo by T. Gustafson


Senior Seth Firmanik passes the time on the sideline after getting out by adjusting his shoe in order to be prepared if a teammate catches the ball to get him back in. Firmanik and a few of his Gym Class Heroes teammates wore matching purple tank tops and shorts. Photo by A. Buxton


An injured Bret Cole ’20 reminds the Superheroes of the five D’s of dodgeball. Cole was unable to participate in the dodgeball tournament after sustaining a partially torn ACL and damage to his MCL in a football game at Ashland-Greenwood back in September 13, but he remained a vital part of the Superheroes from the sidelines. Photo by T. Gustafson


Claire Shumard ’20 winds up to fire across the court at the Gym Class Heroes. One rule change in this year’s tournament was that after grabbing a ball at mid court at the beginning of the match, the players had to run back to the line they started at in the backcourt before they were allowed to throw. Photo by B. Novotny


With another ball in hand ready to go, junior Brody Kroll ’21 stares down the target of his last attack. In the final stretch of the match, Kroll remained the last man standing for the Gym Class Heroes for several minutes before finally being gunned down. Photo by T. Gustafson


Principal Mr. Derek Anderson moderates the final match from the sidelines. Several officials were on hand to decide when players got out either via a catch or a direct hit. Photo by A. Buxton


The Superheroes are all smiles as they pose with the filled-out bracket and the championship trophy. Representing the team were Austin Novotny ’21, Dalton Petersen ’20, Devin Wanamaker ’20, Bret Cole ’20, Johnathan Kerwood ’20, Josi Mans ’21, Jami Mans ’22, Carson York ’20, Claire Shumard ’20 and Brock Beed ’20. Photo by T. Gustafson