Veterans Day convo honors local vets

Veterans of Fairbury And Jefferson County came to Fairbury Jr/Sr. High school on November 11, 2019 to be honored for Veterans’ Day. The band played service songs and the vocal group sang the star spangled banner to honor the Veterans. Poems were read by students and a speech was presented by Mr. Anderson.

“I am going into the Marines because I have always wanted to be in the military. I’m just not cut out for college and want to do something meaningful with my life after high school instead of waste a bunch of money and time on college,” Thorin Grieve 20′ said. “I thought the Convo was good. I wish some of the Veterans could have talked, my favorite part was when they put the flags up. The convo made me think of how I’ll be after the military and if I will stay involved with it most my life.”