‘Southern Fried Funeral’ brings laughs and fun

With Southern Fried Funeral showcasing this weekend there is a lot of pressure on the cast. On Thursday the dress rehearsal was performed in front of the Jefferson Intermediate School. The cast has practiced the play about three times a week since early October. The rehearsal can sometimes last up to four hours. 

“My favorite part about play practice is performing on stage because it’s fun,”  Caleb Trimm ‘22 said.

Trimm will be portraying Benny Charles Greenwood in the play. The hardest part about play practice for him personally was the third scene because he had trouble remembering his lines up until last week. His worst fear of performing in front of an audience is messing up his lines. 

“My favorite character is Sammy played by Natalie Rogge because the character is hilarious and has funny lines. Natalie does a really good job of portraying her,” Trimm said.

The show will be playing in the BFAC on Friday November 15, Saturday November 16 at 7 p.m, and Sunday November 17 at 2 p.m. Tickets will be six dollars for students and eight dollars for others. 

Performing in front of Jefferson Intermediate Students is Addison Parrack portraying Martha Ann. The play premieres tonight at 7.