Juniors take the pre-ACT

The junior class took the pre-ACT on Wednesday November 13. Later in the year they will take the actual ACT.

“The pre-ACT gives you the opportunity to have the experience of the ACT without having to sit through the full length of the ACT,” junior Brylee Yantz said.

There are four parts to the pre-ACT: English, Reading, Math, and Science. The entire test takes four hours to complete since each category is timed. After each portion is completed you may not go back and look at it; when it’s done it’s done.

“The rules are pretty strict when you’re taking them,” Lindsey Korthals ’21 said.

There are too many juniors to put them all in the same room and be able to monitor them effectively. Because of this, they were split up into smaller groups. Not everyone had a full dest to work at.

“Testing in the BFAC is not ideal because I personally like to make use of my space and spread out my materials and I couldn’t do that,” Yantz ’21 said.

Both Korthals ’21 and Yantz ’21 said that they had a good experience with the pre-ACT and that they believed it helped prepare them for the actual thing.

“Overall the atmosphere was good,” Yantz ’21 said, “I think the pre-ACT is a good way to prepare yourself for the actual ACT.”