Josephine Blatny wraps up her cross country career at State meet

Three-time State qualifier Josephine Blanty ’20 ran the last race of her high school cross country career at the state meet. The State cross country meet was held in Kearney on Friday, October 25. Blatny ’20 tied for 49/50 place, but technically got 50th.

Blatny states that she likes to run on hilly courses because that is what her home course is so they’re used to training on hills. The course in Kearney was the exact definition of hilly. The course has one giant hill that Blatny states is “tough to get up.” At the mile mark, there is a big hill that Blanty says is “fun to run down”. And then at the end of the race there is a 200 meter straight finish that people are lined along each side of.

“The Kearney course is my favorite course, it’s super pretty” Blatny ’20 said. “You run by a few ponds and there’s lots of trees.”

Although her season proved to be successful, she had one big challenge to face throughout the year. Blanty ’20 has struggled with IT band issues and a few other minor issues. Blanty says her doctor told her to take a month off after completion of her cross country season. He advised her to bike and get in the pool, and then slowly get back into it for track season.

“My injury was definitely my biggest challenge throughout the season,” Blatny ’20 said. “I had to take a little over a two week break during the most critical part during training in the season so that was difficult mentally and emotionally because I love to run and I missed running and practicing with my team.”

Blatny ’20 states that running has taught her that she is more capable than she thinks she is.  She believes she is a very self-motivated person and that she likes to set goals and work to achieve them. Overall Blatny ’20 has had a successful season with many rewards and also a few challenges.

“Running at the State meet was insane! The atmosphere was crazy,” Blatny ’20 said. “There’s so many good runners and there’s support from everyone so it’s just a really fun experience.”