Crowning ceremony tops off chilly Homecoming parade


Candidates Jaelle Johnson ’19 and Dalton Petersen ’19 share a smile as they walk the decorated path to the courthouse. For each member of the court, a series of fun facts was shared. Photo by: T. Gustafson

Low temperatures were present at the annual Homecoming parade downtown on Friday, October 11 where the 2019 King and Queen were announced. Seniors Bret Cole and Kennedy DeBoer received the titles respectively.

The five initial candidates nominated prior to the crowning were voted in by the senior class before the polls opened up to the entire high school. Along with this year’s royalty, the court included seniors Josephine Blatny, Cora DeBoer, Jaelle Johnson, Izze Schwab, Chance Amundson, Seth Firmanik, Dalton Petersen and Devin Wanamaker. After the crowd in front of the courthouse learned some fun facts about the spotlighted students, the result of the ballots were announced.

“I was excited about it [being crowned Homecoming Queen] because I was not expecting


Kennedy DeBoer ’19 and Bret Cole ’19 pose for the onslaught of cameras after being crowned royalty. The King and Queen received their titles after being voted in by their peers. Photo by: J. Culp

it,” Kennedy said. ” It felt good to be nominated. My favorite part would be being with some of my best friends who were also candidates before and during the parade. We had fun yelling from [the] Jeep during the parade and it was just a fun atmosphere the whole time.”

Despite having a theme of “Jeffs in the Jungle”, the parade featured weather that forced many attendees to bundle up. Individuals riding atop floats and the Homecoming court were also affected. With an unspoken dress code for candidates and class representatives, choosing attire for the occasion proved to be a challenge.

“I dealt with the cold weather by dressing as warm as I could!” Freshman Representative Eliana Livingston said.

The parade topped off a week of themed dress-up days and served as a setup to the football game against Central City (L 29-36) and dance later that night.