FCCLA continues its Homecoming pancake tradition under new leadership

FCCLA hosted its annual Homecoming pancake feed last Friday. This was the first pancake feed under the leadership of the new FCCLA Sponsor Ms. Emily Manning. The organization began preparing breakfast before school that morning and assigned classes to come get their food throughout the morning. They served whole grain pancakes with chocolate chips, sausages and juice. FCCLA President Izze Schwab ’20 described the event as “a big success”.

“It’s always hard to gauge how many sales we will have for the pancake feed,” Schwab said. “We expected to have 150. In past years, we’ve had 200 and sometimes 12. This year we had 135 which I was happy with!”

Ms. Manning said she thought the pancake feed went well overall. The most challenging part of organizing the feed for Ms. Manning was figuring out who she should have cover what shift. Her favorite part of the pancake feed was “being able to continue a beloved Homecoming tradition.” She’s planning on using the money the pancake feed raised to help with FCCLA’s community service projects, to lower the cost for admission to FCCLA events such as the State Leadership Conference and to sponsor middle school dances. She’s also brainstormed some new ideas for next year’s pancake feed.

“The new chocolate chip pancakes this year will be a permanent change as it was the most popular pancake choice,” Ms. Manning said. “The FCCLA members and I have discussed changing the menu to cinnamon rolls or biscuits and gravy. We will have to do a price comparison to see if that change will still be profitable for us as well as check nutrition guidelines.”



Freshmen Megan Mees and Cobie Cole prepare their pancakes. “My favorite part of the pancake feed was how many options there were with the juice, pancakes and sausages,” Mees said. Photo by T. Gustafson


Taryn Arnold ’21 pours batter onto the griddle to make pancakes. “This year we had a great turnout for our annual pancake feed,” Arnold said. “We offered chocolate chip pancakes which I think helped increase our sales.” Photo by T. Gustafson