FCCLA puts on an energetic JHigh Dance

FCCLA put on a JHigh dance last Friday during the football game. The JHigh dance was the first event for FCCLA this year. On Monday, they travelled to Kearney for a Fall Leadership Conference. They worked concessions at the home softball tournament last weekend, and they’re planning on doing their annual Pancake Feed for Homecoming in October.

“The Junior High dance had a pretty good turn out for being during the football game,” FCCLA President Izze Schwab ’20 said. “The junior high kids are crazy this year.”

According to seventh grader Karelin Deras, the majority of the junior high kids had a good time at the dance. This was only the second J-High dance she’s been to. Her only critique was that some of the song choices “weren’t that great.”

“I think it was really fun,” Deras ’25 said. “We were all just a big family, and overall I loved it!”