Southern Fried Funeral is set to have a small but especial cast

The auditions for this year’s play, Southern Fried Funeral by Osborne and Eppler have officially concluded. There are eleven cast member positions available as well as opportunities to help with the stage crew. The final cast list will be released on Friday, August 30. The performances are scheduled for November 15 and 16 at seven thirty at night and November 17 at two in the afternoon.

There were roughly 20 kids who auditioned for cast member positions according to Play Director Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald. An additional dozen have volunteered to help with the stage crew. Mr. Fitzgerald is excited about the smaller cast and crew.

“I think having a smaller cast will make the whole process more intimate,” Mr. Fitzgerald said. “I hope that we can all become closer friends. We only have one set, so the crew will have an easier job this year. However, I want that one set to be really good.”

For Senior Natalie Rogge, this was her first time auditioning for a FHS play production. Rogge moved here this summer from California. She participated in other musicals and plays at her old school.

“Auditions were less intense than what I was used to,” Rogge said. “Our auditions used to be three days, and you had to be there all three days the whole time. I liked auditioning here a lot better.”

Similarly, Senior Lauren Patton thought auditions went well. Like Rogge, Patton has been involved in past productions here at FHS. She decided to continue the tradition and audition again.

“I’m very excited for the play this year,” Patton said. “I can’t wait to see where everyone gets casted, and I think it will be a lot of fun.”