Sweat dance raises funds for National FBLA

A sweat dance at the football complex raised money for National FBLA qualifiers on Friday, May 3 at 8 p.m..

The profits from the drinks being sold and the $5 entry fee will all go towards the trip to the National FBLA Leadership Conference. Qualifiers Mikasa Lierman ’19, Joy Ondrak ’19 and Isaac Robertson ’19 will all make the trip to San Antonio, TX this June. The dance allowed students to help with the funding regardless of whether or not they were in the organization.

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 12.59.22 PM

Drake Richtarik ’23 and Tracy Woolard ’22 share smiles and laughs during the dance. Unlike other high school dances, the sweat dance allowed 8th grade students to also attend. Photo by: M. Lierman

“I think that everyone should try and support every function that we have because if you are ever in that spot where you want to fundraise, you would want people to support you,” Maggie Layton ’21 said. “I was glad that [FBLA] put on a dance because it gives us one last dance before the end of the year. I am willing to help anyone in any way.”

The gathering also served as the last dance of the 2018-19 school year. For the attending seniors, the FBLA-sponsored event was the last dance of their high school careers. This fact affected both the graduating class and friends in differing classes.

“It was really bittersweet for me,” Hailie Nicholson ’21 said. “I got to spend it with my favorite people, but knowing that it was my last time getting to have an experience like that with them makes me kind of sad.”

Aside from Friday evening, one other night this school year was set aside for a dance with a casual dress code. The Sock Hop was also held in the football complex after a scrimmage back in September. The other three high school dances were Homecoming, Snowflake Dance and Prom, and each saw more formal wear from students. Some would like to see more sweat dances in future years.

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Konnor Hasselbring ’21 continues to dance even as the sun disappears. A majority of the dance was held under the night sky when it began at 8 p.m.. Photo by: D. Weichel

“I had a blast at the dance and thought it was something that we need to have throughout the year every month or so that we don’t have a big dance just to get people together,” Layton said. “Everyone always wants another dance in the school year.”

The sweat dance was seen as successful on many different sides. FBLA drew in fundraising money and individuals came together in a night of fun. Each student took away different aspects that they liked and hope to see in future events.

“I had a really good time,” Nicholson said. “The music selection was great and the people were fun to be around. I love that we get the opportunity to help our classmates out.”