Jazzing it up in Kansas City

On Monday April 22, Crimson Elite traveled down to Kansas City to perform at the Jazz Summit at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Joseph Fitzgerald took a group of 8 Crimson Elite members to the festival. The group arrived in Kansas City at 6 in the evening, they went out to eat and also to an arcade with laser tag, bowling and

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 9.19.55 AM.png

Taylea Mills ’19, Hallie Nicholsen ’21, Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald, Jayson Klaumann ’19, Dakota Gladson ’19 and Taylor Runge ’20 ready for a round of laser tag. Photo courtesy of Joseph Fitzgerald

other activities.

Their performance was on Tuesday morning at 10:45. The group sang three songs in an auditorium in front of judges and the other groups watching. There were both vocal and instrumental groups, each received feedback from judges in person and on a score sheet. 

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Crimson Elite performs in the Summit Jazz Festival. Photo courtesy of Joseph Fitzgerald

“It was a rewarding trip that brought us closer together as a group of friends and as a group of performers,”  Taylor Runge ’20 said. “I can’t wait for this trip to become a tradition of the group.”