Students volunteer for Light it Up Blue

Many high school students helped set up and run the Light it Up Blue event that was held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Friday. There were multiple groups that helped out at the event including NHS, FCS, and others were volunteering for classes that they needed volunteer hours in.

“I wanted to help with Light it up Blue because I want to be more involved with the community and do more community service” Sophomore Keely Schramm said.


Josh Robertson ’21, Brittyn Wentz ’21, and Maggie Layton ’21 help fill bags of popcorn for the Light it up Blue event. The students helped through the Grace Lutheran Youth Group. Photo contributed by: Heidi Layton

Light it up blue is a fundraiser that helps raise funds for children on the autism spectrum. It also helps raise awareness for those on the spectrum. Light it up blue has been an even held in Fairbury since 2013 and continues to grow in numbers each year.

This was a great opportunity for students to give back to the community and get involved.