Freshmen explore the offerings of SCC-Beatrice

The freshman class took an informative visit to the Southeast Community College (SCC)-Beatrice campus on Tuesday, April 2 during regular school hours.


A map shows a general layout of the main buildings at Southeast Community College-Beatrice. The freshmen explored these sites while learning about the purposes of all of them. Photo contributed by:

The entire class explored the area in smaller groups that were designated at the beginning of the visit. These groups learned about the respective purposes of all the buildings, some new construction work, and potential reasons why an individual would choose to attend SCC. They also heard from current college students regarding their experiences.

“My favorite part of the trip was the greenhouse, and my overall thoughts about the SCC visit are all great,” Alyxandria Kuzelka ’22 said. “I would recommend the visit and the college to many other people.”

The trip provoked some general thinking about college for the freshmen early in their high school careers. Being able to tour SCC jump started or even progressed in their minds what many teenagers think about at this point in their lives: plans after secondary education.


The large sign at the entrance of the campus includes a directory to find important sites. Other Nebraska outlets of SCC are located in Milford and Lincoln. Photo contributed by:

“I learned more about my options of where I would maybe want to go to college in the future,” Braden Suey ’22 said. “Also, [I learned] how I might want to start out at a two- year college and transfer up to a four-year college when I think that I am ready.”

The sophomore class will be visiting Doane University in Crete on April 25.