Petersen dominates the 2019 Putt Putt Tournament

Wednesday, March 13 the boys golf team started a putting tournament held in the media center. The team set up a double elimination bracket and started to work on their putting skills through competition. The tournament ended on Thursday, March 14; with junior, Dalton Petersen coming out as champion. Another junior, Bret Cole came in second place.


Champion, Dalton Petersen sets up at the first hole. Peterson struggled on his first stroke in each match, but was able to win the championship. Photo by J. Martin

Head Coach, Jed Martin explained the team set up holes in the media center. Everything around them were obstacles the boys had to put around. He says the toughest obstacle was the balance ball chairs.

“I putted my heart out,  but I am so proud to know that my tub club buddy Dalton got first,” Bret Cole ’20 said. “I am lucky to have such great athletes on my team.”

“The 2019 putt putt tournament was one to remember,” Petersen ’20 said. “The competition this year was tougher than ever especially with all of the trash talk.”