Makeup dance clinic still has a good turnout

The Fairbury Cheer and Dance Team put on a dance clinic for students Kindergarten through eighth grade on Friday, March 8. The original date got rescheduled due to bad weather. However, Cheer Sponsor Darby Davidson said there was still a good turnout of about 45 girls.

“Since we did have quite a few girls, we split them into two groups (k-2 and 3-8) and they got to stretch, learn choreography, play a few group games, have snack time, a few dance party breaks, and enjoy time with their friends & cheerleaders,” Mrs. Davidson said.

Usually the younger girls would perform their dances at the halftime of a boys basketball game. However, since the clinic got rescheduled, the dances were performed for an audience of parents at the end.

“Ideally, we would have been performing at halftime of a basketball game, which makes it more worthwhile and exciting for us, the parents, and the little girls,” Cheer Captain Rielee Achtemeier ’19 said.  “Unfortunately though, living in Nebraska’s climate does not always allow us to do that. Given the day change circumstance, I think that it went as well as it could have!”

Traditionally, the Dance Clinic has a theme to help pick songs and choreography. This year the theme was “love” since the original dance clinic was scheduled for the day after Valentine’s Day. The girls danced to the songs “Love Me” by Justin Bieber and “We Found Love” by Rihanna.

“The girls had fun, and I had a lot of fun doing it as well,” Achtemeier said. “I think that the clinics we do are most rewarding experiences for me being a cheerleader. Having the little girls recognize you in the community and give you a hug, or hear their parents tell you how much their daughter adores and looks up to you is so fulfilling. It really makes being a cheerleader so much more than what it seems to someone who has never done it, and those are the things I will always remember after I graduate.”


The Dance Clinic participants and cheerleaders pose for a group photo. Photo contributed by Co-Cheer Sponsor Darby Davidson.