Girls track starts the season strong

The Girls Track team started their season on Monday, February 25th. The team had a practice with a conditioning workout. This workout included running stairs, piecing together puzzles, bear-crawls, crab walking and half-court shots. Head Coach Edson said he wanted to make it fun for the girls with a bit of team bonding.

After the workout at the ’47 gym, the team met at the high school for a team meal. The meal was full of soup, sandwiches and cookies, provided by the team’s parents.


Janessa Swanda ’19 and Brianna Knothe ’21 enjoy their soup at the team meal after the first track practice on February 25th.

“I thought the first practice was tough but we all worked hard and I think it was great overall. We have a really fun group this year and I am super excited! We’re going to do great things this year, and you can tell already because of all the effort everyone has given so far,” Janessa Swanda ’19 said. “I’m definitely going to be sad when it is over, but we just started and I have huge goals to meet this year so I am not going to be sad yet. It’s only up from here!”

The girls’ first track meet takes place on Thursday, March 14th at Concordia University.