FFA entertains students and staff with Ag Olympics

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Josie Junker ’22 and Kennedy DeBoer ’22 listen in as the crowd shouts out answers to trivia questions. “I was worried that things wouldn’t go smoothly, but it went actually okay,” DeBoer said. “Dux was a lot of help and reminded me it was going to be fine. I was glad when I knew we made it through okay.” Photo by: N. Harris

The annual Ag Olympics were held in the high school gymnasium on Thursday, February 21. The entire student body and all staff attended a series of games and activities based around a central theme of farming and agriculture.

The convocation was led by FHS’s own FFA. Members Kennedy DeBoer ’20 and Taylor Runge ’20 acted as student leaders for the event. Their work during the Ag Olympics was only part of what had to be done to achieve success.

“It was a very stressful day because we had the teacher breakfast and Ag Olympics together,” DeBoer said. “Mr. [Thomas] Dux and I met a ton over the past week just trying to plan what we were going to all do. We had to get people to let us borrow all the materials we used, I had to boil 7 dozen eggs, we had to line up the sheep, and then put the tarp [down] and get the gym set up.”


FFA members Trevin Arnold ’19 and Lindsey Korthals ’21 transport lambs into the gymnasium. The lambs were used in a herding game in which the winning team needed to have the most lambs in their respective area. Photo by: H. Knigge

Teacher representatives and students from every grade competed against one another in the various games and activities. This interactive aspect remains a favorite for many students.

“I had lots of fun doing something I’ve never done before,” Beckett Chappell ’23 said. “They picked great teams. That made it even better!”

Teams of FFA members worked to set up every event during small intermission periods. Each individual was assigned a task in order to function as a cohesive group and prevent long waiting periods. Runge was personally pleased at the organization’s output.

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Senior Dalton Buxton races down the floor to lasso in his teammate during a race. “I’ve always participated and it’s always been cool,” Buxton said. “It was a good last big convo.” Photo by: N. Harris

“I would say it was a success overall,” Runge said. “We were able to keep things moving in an efficient manner and hardly had any time between games.”