JV boys take care of Warriors

The boys junior varsity started the night against the Schuyler Warriors with a win, 62-21. The Jeffs lead at halftime 33-10 and held the Warriors to an 11 point second half. The lead scorers for the Jeffs were Ethan Smith ’22 with 15 points, Zane Grizzle ’22 with 11 points and Dylan Starr ’21 with 10 points. Other scorers for the Jeffs were Chance Amundson ’20 and Bret Cole ’20 with five points each. Then Joe Melcher ’20, Josh Robertson ’20, Andrew Novotny ’21 and Jake Martin ’22 all with four points.

“Our team played very well, Coach Horky put a lot of emphasis on running the floor before the game. I think 10 of our 60 or points were fast breaks,” Zane Grizzle ’22 said. “On the defensive end, we did a very good job of being in help and pressuring the ball handlers. Our only problem throughout the game was getting rebounds.”


Ethan Smith ’22 dribbles past Schuyler defender in attempt to score for the Jeffs. Photo by T. Gustafson