Living in a small town isn’t all bad

I have heard a lot of people say they hate living in Fairbury because it’s too small and there is nothing to do. While I agree with them that there is a very limited number of fun things to do in Fairbury, I would never say I hate living here. There are plenty of other things that make Fairbury a good town to grow up in.

Having very few places for kids to go and hang out, kids are forced to think of more creative things to do on a Friday night other than going to the movies or out to eat. Two of the big things that teenagers do are cruising around town or hanging out at someone’s house. A lot of my best memories are from driving around town and stopping to do stupid things or sitting in Tori’s [Likens ‘19] basement watching horror movies. I think these memories are more memorable than going to see the newest movie.

Being in a small school system makes it easier to be involved in activities at the school. Teams don’t have to make cuts because of too much participation and clubs can take in as many members as they please.

A smaller school system can also help with building relationships with peers. Only having 60-70 other kids in your grade makes it pretty easy to know everyone and have a class with them sometime in your high school career. It also makes it pretty easy to get to know people from other grades because you all use the same three hallways to get to and from classes. This makes everyone in the hallways more friendly because they pretty much know everyone the see. In bigger schools, kids can walk down the hallway and see two or three people they have never seen before.

It’s the same with teachers. They don’t have as many people in their classes so it doesn’t take long to learn everyone’s names. Many teachers also teach many different types of classes so you could have the same teacher for English all four years of high school or have the same teacher for three out of your 8 classes. This also makes students be more accountable because all the teachers know you and know what your best work is so they know when you slack off.

When I get older, I want to raise my children in a small town, so they can have some of the great experience I had from growing up in a small town.