Jeff Pride still prevails in community

When people from surrounding areas hear the name Fairbury, some think of a sketchy town with a bad reputation. As students at Fairbury Public Schools, the Blazer staff believes that people only hear the bad things and focus on them and rarely hear about the good things and good people of Fairbury.  

Many people and many good things are overlooked because of the misconception of what Fairbury really is. Bad things happen everywhere, not just in Fairbury.

Many of our accomplishments and good people remain overshadowed. The Jeffs have had some great athletes go through our school in recent years. Our academic success is significant and our extra-curricular groups show great leadership by the many community service hours they have put in.

Our football team was undefeated last year in regular season. We have kids who score over 30 on their ACT. So many students who are very smart definitely go under appreciated by those outside of our community.

Our groups like Spanish Club, NHS, and FCCLA have put in a numerous amount of volunteer hours to help make our community a better place. There is no doubt that we have a lot of great things going on here even though they may go unnoticed by many.

There have been a few instances at school and several cases of things that have gone on in the community that have probably contributed to our diminished reputation. However, our staff believes that there is so much more to Fairbury than just what those outside of the community know.

As Fairbury celebrates its 150 birthday, we need to take pride in who we are and celebrate our history while looking forward and celebrating what the next 150 years will bring.